A professional-grade foundation for building mobile first, responsive sites with Magento Enterprise and Community.

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Robust Design System

MageFrontend is a future-friendly framework for building complex multi-device experiences with Magento. It's style-less and provides a semantic, logical structure that's designed for bespoke customization again and again.

Five Pillars

These principles are guiding MageFrontend's creative and technical direction:

The goal is putting the most modern and efficient technology and practices into Magento's aging frontend.

Who’s Making It?

From Gravity Department — the internationally recognized authority on responsive design in eCommerce.

GravDept’s clients include Skinny Ties, Angry Birds, eBay Enterprise, and Magento.


MageFrontend’s first release is approaching.

Framework — 80% ready

Documentation — 30% ready

GravDept Shop — 65% ready

When the framework and documentation are ready, previews will go out. When the GravDept Shop is ready, MageFrontend goes on sale.


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